About us

I was born and raised in Europe, however I have lived and worked in New Zealand for the past 30 years. This is reflected in a lot of my work. A large proportion of my carvings are based on the style that existed here before contact with Europeans. While I try to avoid outright copying of Maori carvings, their influence is strong.

My interests in music center on that of the medieval period, as well as some of the ethnic European folk music styles. The instruments on offer evolved over considerable time to fill needs in these two areas, but I have heard them being used in completely different styles with very good effect. All the instruments are made in a one-man workshop and tested by myself, I can play them all.

The majority of my carvings are made from beef bone and deer antler.

The instruments are made from a variety of woods and other materials.

To inquire about the availability of a particular item and to order please contact me at: webmaster@wood-n-bone.co.nz, or yurit58@yahoo.com.au. For replies check your inbox within 2-3 days. If there is no reply, please check your spam folder as replies are sometimes treated as spam.